Before the beginning
God created God
& in the beginning
God created woman and man
and God saw this was good
So God said
"Let there be more women and men"
& there were more women and more men
But God saw that woman was plain
to decorate her
God created tits and ass
and commanded the rivers of blood and doubt
to flow gracefully through woman

& in his divine wisdom
God knew this was good
On the third day
because on the second day God was hungover
On the third day
God's dick was hard
& his buzz was wearing off
so God created woman's backyard
& commanded man to fill it
with seeds of garbage and filth
& with his divine wisdom and grace
God created sex
who begat pregnancy
who begat childbirth
who begat motherhood
who begat guilt
and in his divine wisdom and grace
God saw this was good

On the third day
God made woman better
when he created tube tops and minis
who begat lust
who begat exploitation
who begat machismo
who begat sexism
who begat rape
and God saw
and God knew
and God felt this was good
and God said,
On the fifth day
the women cried
the women kneeled
the women prayed
the women begged
the women wrote
a letter to the editor
demanding to know why. Why?
& God,
flanked by playboy playmates
"No Comment."
On the sixth day
God finally spoke to the women
& said,
all these wonderful things i've created
will have domain over thee.

& then he commanded the blood and the doubt
to multiply
and they multiplied.

On the seventh day God was tired
and quit his job for a welfare check,
he said,
never suspecting his main man Satan
was planting trees of consciousness
among his female edens
the women ate
the women ate
the women ate
& the women learned
that education
begat consciousness
who begat action
who begat freedom


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