many of these writings
are old old old - some were written in junior high and recently revised.  i have tried to omit those poems which are not worthy for public view, however, my tastes change often.  in other words, i am sure that some of the following will officially suck.  those patrons that do not exceed the height of 5 ft. will be asked to step out of line and forgo the ride.

a better way - my first short story ever; in progress

an unfinished dialogue - for a class

poems :
constants are fast
seven short untitled poems
fuck no. 21
two moons
his verse
the book of genesis according to st. maria

learning beauty - opinion essay, my version of aesthetic socialization

the choice to connect: living with a love ethic - an exploration of racism in America,  including various issues and an unlikely, utopian solution

phallus tales - gender roles in the brothers grimm

- recommended reading will be added whenever i feel like compiling some gargantuan list -